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International Make-up Academy
Chasing the future [Specialized in Future]

IMA is an International Academy for freelancing in Beauty and Make-up career.

Master-classes at our premises in Conegliano and Mestre.

IMA – our mission
Teaching and training the make-up Artists of tomorrow, communicating passion and savoir-faire and mostly sharing our IMA method improving your talent and creativity for a unique professional experience.


We don’t:
sell products as retailers;

sponsor any company;

have headquarters far from the courses sites;

provide online training.

We are an outstanding business reality in North-Eastern Italy: why us?


A team of professionals
IMA relies on the collaboration with teachers and a qualified staff of Beauty experts, a team of international trainers passionate of their job and very skilful in communicating innovative techniques and strategies.


Full circle training
Academical paths in IMA are developed for training small groups to guarantee the best involvement into a fulfilling learning experience.
Attending an IMA course means not only learning but also getting in touch with the international world of Beauty Professional career.


Labs not classrooms
Our rooms are modern and fit for practice. It will be like actually operating in a real working environment to learn how to behave in a professional situation.


Management and the market of “Beauty”
IMA’s aim is to pursue a training result suitable for the constantly evolving job- market in make-up careers.
According to the idea that training gets the knowledge from experience, IMA

promotes the study of the main management tools to enhance your services and increase your customer base.

Europe not (just) Italy
The target of International Academy of Make-up is to guarantee the best European standards so that our graduates are skilled for working abroad.
At the end of the academical path it will be possible to arrange a European/international apprenticeship.

A career leap
The opportunities in Beauty careers are constantly increasing, that’s why IMA offers solutions for students who want to improve their professional profile with other training courses.
For those who would like to attend multiple paths it’s possible to agree on a customization with a targeted discount.

International Make-up Academy

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