Make-up Special Effects

Make-up Special Effects: Cinema make-up, theatrical and television make-up

The academical path Make-up Special Effects will provide the knowledge and competences for designing and creating Cinema make-up, theatrical and television make-up. It is based on various subjects dealing with Face painting; HD Ready; Special effects as skin cuts, scars, burns, frostbite and skin lesions in general.
You will focus on designing convincing make-up paying particular attention to details so you will be able to render a different age, health condition and personality through make-up.
Nothing is more impressive in the world of cinema and television. Giving life to characters is not only a Director’s matter but also Make-up Artist’s.

The program is developed in 10 lessons of four hours each and you will be given with an IMA case containing the stuff for Make-up Special Effects.
At the end of the course students will receive a photo portfolio of their works in editorial format.

Bilingual professional certificate (English-Italian)+photo portfolio.

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